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Greek Philosophy (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle) essays

Greek Philosophy (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle) essays No matter how advanced or more knowledgeable we are compared to ancient civilizations, we cannot say that what they contributed did not affect us directly. From simple things such as fire, to more complex things such as the concept of time, or complicated architecture, ancient inventors and other intellectuals paved the way for modern developments. Without the research and curiosity of our forefathers, we would not know, AND have what we know and have today. One of the major contributors to modern knowledge was the Greeks. They gave us knowledge in the fields of math through Pythagoras and his theorem on right triangles, and Science through Aristotles study of biology and Democritus study of atoms. Of course, although some may see their philosophies and beliefs to be inapplicable to todays society, Socrates, Platos, and Aristotles philosophies changed the way people think, and greatly affected the development of many western cultures, and even our own. The first in line of the 3 great philosophers of Greece was Socrates. Born in Athens in 469 BC, he was born in a relatively poor family. His father, Sophroniscus, was a sculptor and his mother, Phaenarete, was a mid-wife. Socrates himself was a sculptor, but he was never really good at it. And although he was poor, he was able to marry and raise a family. There is a story told, that one day, his friend, Chaerephon, asked an Oracle in Delphi whether or not there was someone wiser than Socrates. Strangely, the oracle answered No. When Socrates heard about this, he was puzzled as to why the Oracle answered in that way. He figured that maybe it was some sort of a riddle, for he thought that he possessed no special wisdom at all. In order to find out, Socrates decided to talk with the various town folks of Athens, such as the doctors, scholars, sophists, and basically anyone who was willing to talk to him. Although ...

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Climate change in saudi arabia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Climate change in saudi arabia - Essay Example The presence of cheap and skilled industrial labor, availability of good infrastructure, ready market and the presence of fossil fuels have been a major attraction of industrialists from all over the world in the country. These industries have a major effect as they distort climate conditions in the country as well as for the universe. The countries carbon dioxide emission has risen and now it has joined other countries like the United States as the world leading carbon emission countries. Carbon Dioxide emitted into the atmosphere is so much responsible for the climatic change in the world, including Saudi Arabia. The gas has been termed as the one of the major cause changes in the weather pattern and increased warming of the atmosphere. The effects of changing global weather conditions are so severe to Saudi Arabia and the continent of Asia. There have been an increase in temperatures all over the country and the summer seasons are becoming very warm and long. Due to increased temperatures, the amount of precipitation have also gone up highly. Increased precipitation have led to the continuous floods all over the country both in winters and summers, affecting peoples’ daily activities. There have also been witnessed extreme weather conditions brought about by cyclones. These weather conditions include unusual storms and winds (Notaro 1). Ice melt from mountains top, rock fall and avalanches are some of projected effect of climate change in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has been in the forefront in ensuring that it minimizes the effects of climate change. The measures that they are trying to impose are the reducing emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. One of the major step is the intensive research on alternative sources of energy other than the fossil fuels. Solar energy have been their greatest option given that the country is usually hot throughout the year. They are planning to harvest and export this energy in

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Reducing Juvenile Delinquency Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Reducing Juvenile Delinquency - Essay Example This paper seeks to illustrate various aspects associated with juvenile delinquency and measures taken to lower the prevalence rates. Juvenile delinquency illustrates a violation of the law committed by a person under the legal age, but surpasses parental control, and thus is subject to legal action. Such violations of the law are not punishable by death or life imprisonment, but dwell on rehabilitating the offenders to become law-abiding citizens. Institutions such as juvenile detention centers and courts assist in dispensation of legal interventions based on specified procedures in the legal system. Furthermore, a juvenile delinquent is an under aged person who has been found guilty of a crime, and is protected by the law as a minor; hence cannot bear the responsibility for the crime (Snyder and Sickmund, 2006). The age of criminal responsibility may be lowered in accordance with the nature and seriousness of the crime. This would imply that the individual could be tried as an adult. Negative behaviors among children and young adults translate into juvenile delinquency. Juvenile delinquency has the potential of creating significant social disorder. Past and recent surveys have indicated that a high percentage of children and adolescents engage in activities that are in violation of the law. The reality of the situation is illustrated in the drop in the average age of first arrests made among young people. This can be attributed to the common notion that juvenile offences are normative adolescent behaviors. However, repeated or chronic offenders are most likely to carry on with the trend away from adolescence and turn into criminal elements or outlaws. At a tender age, delinquent behavior involves minor theft, but can evolve to violent acts involving the use of weapons as the individual nears the statutory age. Other delinquent behaviors include bullying, truancy,

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Emerging trends in Human Resources Management Essay Example for Free

Emerging trends in Human Resources Management Essay Session Outcomes: †¢ Discover the global trends affecting human  resources management, †¢ Describe the impact these trends are having on  organizations and the management of human  resources, †¢ Develop an appreciation of the changing role of  human resources management in supporting  organizational strategy. Emerging Trends in Human Resources Management (HRM) †¢ How would you define or describe Human Resources  Management (HRM)? – What is it? – How do you define it? †¢ Turn to the person next to you and share your thoughts  regarding what you think what Human Resources  Management is. †¢ I will select a number of people to share what they came up with. †¢ You have 2 minutes to do this.

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The Bush Stimulus Package :: Essays Papers

The Bush Stimulus Package President Bush has just unveiled his new $674 billion economic stimulus package. The Democrats, although they have little chance of getting it passed in the GOP-controlled Senate, have countered with a plan of their own, with a much lower tab of $136 billion. The centerpiece of the Bush plan is arguably the elimination of the tax on dividends paid by shareholders, which makes up a hefty $364 billion of the entire sum. The reasoning is that it is unfair to tax corporate earnings once and then again tax them when they are paid out as dividends to shareholders. However, the president’s logic is faulty in that there are many instances of so-called double taxation in our society. For example, when one earns a dollar as part of one’s income, it is taxed and then it is taxed again in the form of sales tax when the dollar is spent. Another criticism lodged at the White House is that the repeal of the dividends tax benefits the wealthy in a disproportionate manner. Democrats charge that the wealthiest one percent of Americans would stand to gain over forty percent of the benefits. This is partly due to the fact that the wealthiest generally receive the greatest percentage of their income from dividends. Analysts say Mr. Bush is trying to appeal to the new â€Å"investor class†, which now includes the majority of Americans. Interestingly enough, senior citizens and retirees comprise a significant portion of stockholders who collect on dividends. That is what allows George W. Bush to claim that repeal of dividends tax is designed to benefit seniors, when wealthy investors will reap the most reward. The purpose, in theory at least, of ending double taxation is to put more money in the hands of investors, and to encourage more Americans to invest in the ailing stock market, which is now near an all-time low. Another beneficial effect will be to encourage large corporations to pay dividends, thus giving more money to Americans. If this money goes towards consumption and private and capital investment, the economy will inevitably get a much-needed boost, since GDP=C+I+G+X. In addition to elimination of dividend taxation, the Bush plan proposes to make the 2001 tax cuts permanent. Again, one can argue that the wealthy are the primary beneficiaries of Mr. Bush’s tax cuts. But part of the problem stems from inherent inequities in the tax code.

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A Thief of Time Essay

In Tony Hillermans’ story, â€Å"A Thief of Time† (Hillerman, 2002) the author tells about murder and vanishings of people as Navaho detectives, Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Officer Jim Chee search for answers as to why, on the Indian grounds, that people are vanishing and why a well-known anthropologist is missing. Fear encompasses the tale of the ancient Indian grounds where detectives take center stage in looking for clues in the buried ruins that has caused so much confusion. When the backhoe is missing, this mysterious event sets Jim Chee in motion as he tries to uncover what really happened and he won’t stop until he finds the reason. His partner in this bizarre mystery is still coping with the loss of his spouse. Joe Leaphorn just wants to complete one more detective job before retirement. The younger officer; Chee isn’t ready for any type of quitting. Chee is excited about the fact that he may uncover something that includes not only the theft of the backhoe, but he is serious about uncovering the reason that two men have disappeared. Native Americans remain mysterious but the author tries to bring to life, what their true objectives are in this story. The Navaho detectives demonstrate their deep desire to do what is right in this story and offer us a good look into the lives of the Navaho Indian culture. The rummaging through the Indian grounds, unearths many various descriptions of what it’s like to live as a Navaho Indian and as these charming detectives did deep into the ground as they search for missing bodies and mechanical equipment, they discover a mystery that is worth looking into. Reference Page Hillerman, Tony. (2002) A Thief of Time. Harper Collins.